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Warm air heating provides an efficient, flexible and cost effective solution for the heating of most industrial and commercial buildings.

Working in partnership with local installation companies. We are able to supply, supply fit and commission a range of commercial heaters. We pride ourselves on the ability to supply the best heating option for your circumstances

Please see below the more common options.

NVx range of suspended gas unit heaters

The NVx range of suspended gas unit heaters has been designed in conjunction with specifiers, installers and users to provide efficient and cost effective heating solutions for industrial and commercial properties.

A comprehensive range of control and modular duct components ensures total system flexibility in terms of applications offering heating only and ventilation only.

CPx cabinet heaters

The CPx cabinet heaters are indirect gas or oil fired air heaters fitted with resiliently mounted fan and motor assemblies, stainless steel combustion chamber and mild steel heat exchanger.

Heaters are available with a comprehensive range of oil or gas fired burners. An MC200 control unit is supplied with every heater.

  • Front Flued Appliance
  • Indirect oil/gas fired heater
  • Natural gas (G20)
  • Propane (G31)
  • Oil 35 sec. & 28 sec.
  • Freeblowing or ducted applications.
  • Painted to RAL6027. BS/RAL colours to special order.
  • Summer ventilation facility.
  • Complete with full operating controls.
  • Weatherproofed version available
  • Range of outputs from 30kW to 590kW
  • Galvanised options available

Powrmaster TE

The Powrmaster TE range of gas and oil-fired air rotation heaters are specifically designed for the efficient heating of large areas and are especially suitable for open plan warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

Our air rotation units utilise high efficiency axial fans to move large volumes of air. These heaters achieve a uniformity in the distribution of heated air that cannot be matched by conventional units that treat low volumes of air at high temperature.

  • Cost efficient large area heating reduces number of heaters, eliminates the use of destratification fans and reduces installation costs.
  • High efficiency axial fans moving large volumes of heated air reduce the effects of stratification.
  • The T304 stainless steel heat exchanger/combustion chamber is guaranteed for 5 years and further warranted for 15 years on a pro-rata basis. All other parts are covered for 2 years from the date of commissioning.
  • Sizing and scheme design by Powrmatic. Our own in-house design team of engineers will design and size each system to suit individual applications.
  • Range extended to include fully weather-proofed versions for external applications.
  • Air only circulation units for improved distribution when used in conjunction with heating units.
  • Units can be acoustically lined to reduce noise levels

CECx range of destratification fans

The new and extended CECx range of destratification fans from Powrmatic.

The Powrmatic CECx is a heat recovery unit with low running costs and minimum maintenance.

It is a basic law of physics that hot air rises and in high roofed buildings this will cause a temperature gradient with hot air under the roof and cooler air at floor level. CECx destratification fans will automatically recirculate high level hot air, reducing stratification and associated heat losses. Specific features include

  • Ease of installation
  • Low running costs
  • Reliable in operation with minimum maintenance
  • Extremely effective heat distribution
  • Blue paint finish (RAL 6027). Other colours to special order

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We aim to provide a professional and reliable service to our customers. With all work carried out to the highest of standards.